Kids in the mountains

They can be a handful, we know. That's why we make sure your kids are always occupied and having fun here in Stöten - and of course they're always in safe hands.

Fun with Vargy

Do you have children between age 3 and 8 who would like to join Vargy the friendly wolf for an adventure? Vargy is everybody's friend here at Stöten. On Vargy's adventures kids get go hunt for treasure and celebrate Vargy's birthday - Vargy (and Stöten) are both turning 40!

The wolf den

Of course we also spend time playing in the wolf den, focusing on crafts, baking, and film. Sometimes Vargy even throws a great after-ski party - dancing and celebrating with popcorn!

Good to know

Before we begin each activity we need your contact details, in case anything happens. All the information is on the participant list which each activity leader has - please make sure to inform them about allergies as well. If your kids want to participate on the treasure hunt or Vargy club competition, make sure to dress them warmly - these activities are held outdoors. Activities cost 80 SEK per child, which is paid in the reception or with cash on the spot. During Junior Weeks, all activities are free.