Junior Weeks

Book Junior Weeks with up to 30% discount

During our Junior Weeks, being a child is free – literally. Food, ski rental, ski school and much more are all free for any child up to six years old with a paying adult. In addition, lots of other exciting activities are organized for families during these weeks. Junior Weeks are the weeks 50, 2-6, 10-12 and 15 for the season 2023/2024.

This is Junior Weeks in Stöten

Vargy loves children and children love Vargy. That's why he has put together a couple of weeks during the winter, where the kids are main characters in Stöten. When an adult pay for a specific activity, e.g. lunch, ski school or ski rental, their child (up to 6 yrs) gets all the same things - for free!

Note that ski school and ski rental must be booked at least 5 days before arrival at +46 (0) 280-75 000.


Junior Weeks include

  • Lunch and dinner at Brasseriet
  • SkiPass
  • Ski school, group lesson
  • Ski rental, basic package incl. skis, poles, boots and helmet
  • All activities at Vargy’s Wolf Club*


Ski rental and ski school must be pre-booked on 0280-75 000 at least 5 days before arrival. The Wolf Club's activities can be booked on site. Junior Weeks apply to selected weeks, weeks 50, 2-6, 10-12 and 15. SkiPass Plus benefits cannot be combined with this offer. When an adult pays for an activity (as stated above), a child up to the age of 6 can use the same activity free of charge. Please note that Junior Weeks can only be used at the time of booking and cannot be used afterwards.

Three testimonials about Junior Weeks:

August, 4 yrs: "You can meet Vargy the wolf every day so mom and dad don’t have to always bother you. And then I went to a really good ski school. Now I go faster than daddy. I also got a medal too, in the Vargy trophy."

Clara, 5 yrs: "Our whole family fit in the Vargy Express, it goes really fast. The Farfarssvängen slope is my favorite hill and I went down it lots of times. And at lunch we got to choose pancakes from the buffet every day if we wanted!"

Lovisa, 6 yrs: "We lived so close to the hill that we could put on our skis right at the house. The first few days we skied a lot in the new area, which is great for kids, where you could eat waffles and hamburgers at the bottom. Now I can ski the black slopes too. That's because I've went to ski school."

SkiPass Plus is more than just skiing

SkiPass Plus includes, in addition to daily ski pass, both morning and night skiing, swimming, sauna, gym and one extra skiing day. The plus card can be purchased when booking accommodation for the same price as an ordinary SkiPass. Not bad, right?

Ski school and ski rental reservations must be made at least 5 days before the date of arrival. Activities in Vargy's Wolf Club can be booked on-site. Junior Weeks covers weeks 50, 2-6,10-12 and 15. Benefits in SkiPass Plus cannot be combined with this deal. When an adult pays for an activity (listed above) a child up to 6 years old can use the same activity for free.