Cross-country skiing

45 kilometers of trails for both classic cross-country and skating

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Cross-country in the valley of Stöten in Sälen

Alla our crosscountry tracks are free.
In the valley of Stöten you can choose from various cross-country trails that include both classic style and skating. All tracks are six meters wide and start at Stöten Ranch, Skidtorget, Soltorget, and Kronoparken.

At the cross-country center next to Soltorget, there is an approx. 200m long test loop on flat ground in the form of a circle to get used to the skis before going out on the tracks down into the valley.

Track Length Style
Cross-country center test track 200 m  Skate & classic style
Lysrunda 3 km Classic style (illuminated tracks until 11:00 pm)
Pipsvängen 4 km Skate & classic style
Träningsspåret 5 km Skate & classic style
Slingersvansen 7 km Classic style
Comborundan 8.5 km Skate & classic style


Due to a water leak, "Träningsspåret" has been rerouted. See the current map below:


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Cross-country trails up on the mountain in Sälen

Stöten has two cross-country trails up in the tundra with fantastic views over the landscape. The trails are ready to use as soon as there’s enough snow for us to prep, but you usually get the best cross-country experience during late February and in the early sping. Don’t forget to look at the weather report and dress accordingly before you head out!

Track Length Extra info
Toppspåret 3 km Start at the top of Vargy Express and enjoy 3 spectacular kilometers with an amazing 360-degree view over the mountains of Sälen as well as the Norwegian mountains across the border.
Östra Granfjällsturen 15 km Östra Granfjället is the highest peak of the Sälen mountains, reaching 948 metres above ground. From this point you get to enjoy a beautiful view over both the Swedish and the Norwegian landscape. You access the trail by taking the lift Vargy Express and then easily glide down about 1 km to the top of Mormors Störtlopp. The trail continues around Östra Granfjället, past Närfjällsstugan and along the scooter tracks back to Vargy Experss chairlift that takes safely you down to the valley.

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WC Express takes you up and down safely
You can get up to the mountain trails with WC Express chairlift. The same lift takes you down again. WC Express is the only lift that allows cross-country skiers due to safety reasons. Contact one of our crew members to get more information and to get help getting on and off the lift safely.

Opening hours for cross-country skiers in WC Express
First time up: 9:00
Last time up: 15:30 (1 hour before the other lifts close)
Last time down: 16:30 (when the other lifts close)

If you don't have a SkiPass you can purchase a disposable one-ride SkiPass in the reception. Please note that it is not allowed to walk uphill or ski down the slopes with cross-country equipment.

Tips and other information

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