Sustainable focus in Stöten

Read how we work with sustainability in Stöten

Charging stations for electric cars, complete source sorting and a new pellet boiler that heats up Stöten with sawdust. These are some of the measures we are taking to reduce the climate footprint.

- We receive thousands of guests every year and it takes a lot of energy to run our business - in the middle of the mountain world. To therefore do it in an energy-efficient and environmentally saving way is an obvious responsibility for us to take, says Johan Thorn, CEO of Stöten.

The number of guests who visit Stöten is increasing with each passing year. It requires measures that help not to have a negative impact on the environment. The biggest energy-saving measure that has been taken is that a pellet boiler has been installed and that the previous oil and electric boilers that provided heat to Stöten have been allowed to retire.

Residual products from local sawmills are responsible for the heating
The boiler is fired with pellets made from clean sawdust, which is a residual product from local sawmills and is responsible for heating in the conference department, Vattufjäll spa and bath, hotels, restaurants and office buildings. In addition, the pellet boiler secures the hot water supply in the hotel facility significantly, so that no one should have to risk getting a cold shower when the lift is closed and all the guests shower almost at the same time.

All existing and new accommodation that is built is exclusively ski-in-ski out, which means that you do not have to use a car to get between the slope and accommodation.
- We have also fine-tuned the waste management so that our guests can make a complete source sorting, and that the routines for emptying have changed so that the cars that come and empty the garbage have fewer miles to go, says Johan Thorn.

In recent years, the snow-laying system has been upgraded and new piste machines have been purchased.
- We estimate that, through recent years investments in our snow system, we have reduced our energy consumption by more than 20 percent, while the system places snow on an area that is approximately 25 percent larger than before the system was expanded. We have bought new piste machines that with new technology enable more efficient driving that has reduced fuel consumption by, about ten percent, which feels good, says Peter Myrvang, operations manager at Stöten.